Although World Sailing and with it the worldwide offshore community still has to wait for the final decision of the International Olympic Committee until May 2021 at the latest, the Mixed Offshore World Series will start in spring 2021 together with the World Cup (WC) SOF Hyères.


In the first test run season 2021 of the Mixed Offshore World Series two one-design boat classes will be used at the same time. Therefore the racing will lead into three separate results for three one-design boat classes - handicap ratings are not included.


The allocation of the boats - which team will sail on which boat - will be done within the first stage from Marseille to Hyères in a lottery procedure. From there on the boats will be allocated to the results sailed - for the exact procedure see the Notice of Race.


Within the World Cup in Hyères two qualification regattas (short/medium distance) and one final (3 days/2 nights) will be sailed. The finalists will then sail on yachts that are on the short list for Paris 2024 (L30 or other alternatives if possible).


For the following seasons the Mixed Offshore World Series is to be extended with a large number of nations and teams on a uniform boat class.

PRICE Overview


 09 APRIL to 11 APRIL MOWS Stage 1 – Marseille to Hyères 3,000 Euro SPOTS AVAILABLE
17 APRIL to 24 APRIL World Cup – SOF Hyères 6,000 Euro SPOTS AVAILABLE
07 MAY to 09 MAY MOWS Stage 2 – Hyères to Marseille 3,000 Euro SPOTS AVAILABLE
14 MAY to 16 MAY MOWS Stage 3 – Marseille to Marseille 3,000 Euro SPOTS AVAILABLE

The prices are to be understood as individual prices per event. Any bundle packages or discounts in case of booking several events, will be published with the NOR at a later date.




1.1 Why MOWS?
   MOWS will be a professional preparation series in the double-handed mixed discipline in view of the 2024 Olympic Games. It is a.               professional international regatta series. For the International Olympic Committee, MOWS offers a showcase and at the same time will       help to implement the format in larger regattas. MOWS wants to set an example for more gender equality and therefore explicitly.                 supports the discipline double-handed mixed.

1.2 How is the connection between MOWS and the SOF Hyéres?
   This is a cooperation between MOWS and the SOF and Princesa Sophia Cup in Hyères. The kickoff event will take place in spring 2021.
   Stopovers of the MOWS series will be integrated into the Worl Cup. Together they want to further promote the discipline.

1.3 Who are the organisers?
   The Konzeptwerft Holding GmbH, SOF- Hyères as well as leading Hosting Clubs in the countries of
 the stopovers are organising the           events together.





2.1 How does the registration work?

    Now there is an open pre-booking on the website. After the pre-booking we'll publish the Notice of Race and by that open a google form f      for a binding booking. The registration is done as a team. Slots are allocated depending on the number of bookings (see 2.6). 

2.2 Can I book all events individually?

   Yes, all events can also be booked individually and separately.


2.3 Who can register?

   - Individual teams

   - National teams in coordination with the federations

   - Clubs


2.4 When will the final booking start?

   - Approx. end of January


2.5 Until when can I book?

   - Approx. Feb. 15


2.6 What happens if more teams than possible register? What are the criteria for selection?

   1. The MNAs are consulted (who represents the respective nation)

   2. In case of overbooking: "First come first serve"

   3. In case of stalemate: Lottery


2.7 How many teams from which nations can participate?

   Ideally: 18 boats - 9 nations with two teams each.


2.8 Where do I find the Notice of Race?

   At the moment the pre-booking is open. If enough come forward a Notice of Race is published on the website and by that the official             registration starts.




3.1 Till when and how can I pay?

   Until the final deadline of the entry (February 15)


3.2 When do I get the final confirmation?

   With the registration via the Google form and the processed payment, the booking is final. In case of overbooking of a nation,                         cancellations will be made if necessary and the places will be distributed to the teams that will compete for the respective nation                   according to the MNA. You are contacted if this is the case.

3.3 Is there a discount when I book more than one event?

   There will be a discount for bookings of 3 or more out of a total of 5 events. Please contact: info@mixedoffshore-ws.com in this topic.


3.4 How are the costs composed?

   The sum covers both the charter fee and the entry. 


3.5 Why does a participation in SOF and Princesa Sophia Cup cost twice as much as a MOWS event? 

   The SOF and Princesa Sophia Cup include eight days: two short distance races and one long distance races. A MOWS-Event is three         days including the long-distance race (mind. 36 hours = 3 days + 2 nights)



If you have any further questions, please contact info@mixedoffshore-ws.com.